Mary goes on-line…

Mary goes on-line to find some information on her favourite music band. She types “radiohead” into search engine query field and gets a collection of documents concerning her interest. Some of the documents are album and concert reviews showing the band’s music the way Mary sees it herself. It turns out that many of the reviews are blog posts from one author. Mary likes his point of view so much that she sets trust in this user (and any documents the has written and will write in the future). In this way Mary includes the reviewer into her Personal Web Of Trust.

One of the concert reviews reminds Mary about a girl she met at that concert. She and Alice seemed to be music soul mates, but after the concert they lost contact. Mary easily finds her blog in which a post from the date of the concert contains a picture of both girls taken during that event. Mary includes Alice into her PWoT and then queries the search engine for „radiohead” again.

This time at the top of the document list response she sees more reviews on the band by the same author she read earlier, but this time there are more of them, e.g. review of Radiohead’s latest video the author wrote in a video sharing service.

This author’s reviews are interlaced with Alice’s blog posts with interpretations of Radiohead’s lyrics. Reading them Mary realizes that there are numerous possible interpretations of her favourite songs. She continues reading the blog to find out there are bands Alice claims to be as good as Radiohead so Mary decides to visit music shop and give the bands a shot.

Listening to the new music she returns to the query result documents. Other documents on the list are Radiohead’s music reviews from another author. Mary’s trusted reviewer subscribed to that author’s blog RSS as a trustworthy source. Since the first reviewer included the latter into his PWoT, Mary’s personal agent shows the other reviewer’s documents as more relevant than docs by any other authors not being her FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) in the Global Web of Trust.

Meanwhile, after reading Mary’s comment to her post on Radiohead’s concert, Alice declares her trust in Mary and sees, in her RSS feed for „radiohead” Web search results, reviews by Mary’s favourite reviewer. Alice reads a few of his reviews (those best ranked by Mary) and includes him into her PWoT. This way after a few weeks both girls get the reviewer’s info about upcomming Radiohead’s concert in their town. They arrange an appointment and meet at the concert. THE END



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