IT Conversations: Dr. Joel Selanikio

IT Conversations: Dr. Joel Selanikio
Dr. Joel Selanikio is the co-founder of DataDyne, a non-profit consultancy dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of public health data. He works mainly in developing countries where the dominant computer is the cellphone, and the dominant network protocol is SMS, a phenomenon that he calls „the invisible computer revolution.”

  • 16:34 – „[…] it’s actually kind of comical how twitter is the hottest thing on the block right now… and so suddenly all those people with their, you know, 2 GHz computers and, you know, huge displays are sending them each other, you know, basically text messages over the Web, right? – isn’t that interesting?[…]”
  • 26:38 – on olpc: ” […] I don’t understand why we need a program… to spend millions of dollars to make laptops cheaper… when laptops get cheaper every day… you know, I mean, that will be like setting a World Bank program to make water flow downhill … „

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