P2P backup

while listening to IT Conversations | Jon Udell’s Interviews With Innovators | Phil Libin on EverNote I got this idea inspired by latest P2P services like money lending…

I try to replicate my most valuable data into several locations, but there’s always the threat that several is not enough. Lately, online servers are most common storage for my personal data. And, though I believe in e.g. Google’s backup policy, I felt like I should do more about it. So… how about replicating backups via P2P?

Just like in file swapping (backup can be 1, archive file) duplicate you precious data in as many locations as possible. The only difference is that it’s more like push (upload) than pull (download) in traditional swapping.

– So who’d like to host my data and what’s his business in it?
– Well, JWL sang: „I scratch your back, you scratch mine”.

– And what about privacy?
– Isn’t PKI enough? And „there’s alway a bigger fish”… than Blowfish 🙂

Also some specs I can think of now:

  • a backup may be fragmented (if too large) – also, since we need instant backup and rarely a recovery , fragmenting may be an optimal solution – and so it is in e.g. BitTorrent
  • if snapshot replication is not enough, incremental approach may also be supported
  • a priority of a backup may be set by it’s owner and respected by the network (community) for distributing and storage lasting
  • there may be a TTL for each archive fragment
  • the number of distributed locations you may use is proportional to the array size you offer for hosting (may be a part of a disk partition 🙂

that’s the idea – maybe I’ll get back to it later…

Aaaaahhh… should’ve known I was scooped > zoogmo.com … I still haven’t got that „GGL first” reflex yet 😛


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