WordPress analysis – next?

The schema evolved to:

After 2 iterations (100 000 each) with a week interval my spider following the http://wordpress.com/next/ link found only 1733 blogs. But when I made the spider crawl the found blogs’ blogrolls it found another 4322 blogs (in wordpress.com only!). Why? Does the next link show only the active blogs or the rest are just spamblogs? We’ll find out soon (I hope :).

Some preliminary analysis results:

When do we blog (nr of posts)?

Thursday 3568 16,64%
Friday 3433 16,01%
Monday 3358 15,66%
Tuesday 2948 13,75%
Wednesday 2831 13,20%
Sunday 2766 12,90%
Saturday 2539 11,84%
21443 100,00%


komentarze 2 to “WordPress analysis – next?”

  1. none Says:

    Ładny diagramik.
    W czym był wygenerowany?

  2. Marek Kopel Says:



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