Google Chrome – not for geeks

Google Chrome

yesterday I was so excited reading the comic (great comic!)… a even today’s first 30min. were OK…

but my habits… they just won’t go away…

so ‚why I can’t use GChrome today?’:

  • first I needed my Wikipedia, IMDB, YouTube, … search box, but Chrome’s new tab hardly could replace it
  • stored passwords were not imported, cause they were protected with a global password… but maybe it’s better this way, cause Chrome can’t secure them itself with a global pass
  • I miss GToolbar (funny ha?)! because I can’t make custom search from any field any more
  • but what really made me write this is: Chrome won’t import (and support) Live (RSS) Bookmarks…
  • and there isn’t any way to easily access my GBookmarks
  • even worse: Chrome doesn’t support RSS at all! (can’t even display it properly)
  • …and after a while you really miss Adblock

I may use Chrome for Calendar and GMail in it separated app windows (without tab bar and omnibox), but for everyday use I’m too tied to my Add-Ons – at the moment (still finishing my thesis) I can’t live without Zotero

also I’m impressed with Chrome’s:

  • inspector (great tool – the metrics feature got me)
  • processes manager
  • tab experience

but it’s not enough for my routine

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  1. piotr zaryciński Says:

    Not for you!


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