[SOLVED] Bug 399188 – Can’t install Thawte personal e-mail certificate on Windows Vista

When for the second time I needed to renew my Thawte cert and had problem doing it via FF3 I googled some more (for the first time it was just after the FF3 came out, so I revoked and requested another via FF2 on another machine, but now all machines got FF3) and…

…as it turned out the Bug 399188 – Can’t install Thawte personal e-mail certificate on Windows Vista was still not even signed, but it was not FF problem – it was Vista’s:

I was able to successfully create, import, export, and install into thunderbird my Thawte freemail cert on Vista by placing Firefox 3.0.1 in compatibility mode for windows xp via the properties box on the shortcut.

from http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.support.firefox/msg/8aebb893df71957e

yeah, that worked for me though it’s FF 3.0.3 already…


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