WordNet::Similarity @Ubuntu

the time came to use what I found

trying to make it as simple as Ubuntu gets:

  1. sudo apt-get install wordnet libwordnet-querydata-perl libdigest-sha1-perl
  2. get and make Text-Similarity
  3. get WordNet::Similarity
  4. making it use Ubuntu’s default dir for WN: perl Makefile.PL WNHOME=/usr/share/wordnet
  5. it looks for dict subdir so:  cd /usr/share/wordnet; sudo ln -s . dict or 208 line of next file
  6. before make test also change in /usr/share/perl5/WordNet/QueryData.pm line 206 the default dir
  7. test similarity measures, e.g.: samples/sample.pl computer#n#1 notebook#n#1

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Jedna odpowiedź to “WordNet::Similarity @Ubuntu”

  1. tmarke Says:

    Hey, thanks for this .. I’ve been struggling with trying to do a CPAN install under ubuntu for more than an hour 😦 This is just what I needed. Dzienki bardzo.


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