Naukowiec w stylu Google’a c.d.


The panel consisted of Mendel Rosenblum from Stanford (and VMWare, of course); Rebecca Isaacs from Microsoft Research; John Wilkes from Google; and Ion Stoica from Berkeley. The charge to the panel was to discuss the gap between academic research in cloud computing and the realities faced by industry. This came about in part because a bunch of cloud papers were submitted to HotOS from academic research groups. In some cases, the PC felt that the papers were trying to solve the wrong problems, or making incorrect assumptions about the state of cloud computing in the real world.

hmm… „trying to solve the wrong problems, or making incorrect assumptions” – jak to idealnie pasuje do mojej ulubionej maksymy: „nauka polega na wymyślaniu i rozwiązywaniu problemów, których nikt nigdy nie będzie miał” 🙂

choć rzecz dot. chmury i autor tłumaczy to tak: „… there’s no way for a university to build something at the scale and complexity of a real-world cloud platform.

to jednak wydaje mi się, że ta obawa może być uniwersalna: „ The concern is that academics will be relegated to working on little problems at the periphery, or come up with toy solutions.


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