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Web OS platforms -> 4 major players


in Hanselminutes an MS guy and a Java guy point out that there are 4 major potential Web platform standards, i.e. Web Apps’ runtimes:

  • MS Silverlight (as J. Spolsky talked in StackOverflow podcast lately: Silverlight is going to be the Windows Mobile Apps main engine)
  • Sun Java, especially with the new applet plugin rewrite and JavaFX (replacing Swing) which also runs the same code on desktop (J2SE) and mobile (J2ME)
  • Adobe AIR – runtime for Flash, Flex (ActionScript)
  • Google GWT (?), which runtime is JavaScript (!) – and this is most interesting, since they base on HTML5 and JS, so they don’t need any plugin, only a W3C conformant browser

for the sake of REST(ful)(ness): MVC -> RMR


then > (GGL supports RDFa – Hooray?  not really…)
then > (HTML 5 got it’s own microformats built in)
then > to

Introducing the RMR Web Architecture : Paul James

so Model-View-Controller must be replaced with Resource-Method-Representation to build RESTful Services and Apps…

the mapping is (more or less):

  • resource -> „a model with a bit of controller thrown in”
  • method -> MVC controller
  • representation -> „like a view in MVC”

– so why RMR?
– „It (MVC) just doesn’t model resources, the fundamental element of the Web is totally ignored”